Olympus Equestrian Academy is an Independent High School offering an Equestrian programme for students from Grade 8 to Grade 12. A proposed post Matric Career Course will be introduced in 2020.

There is a need for suitably qualified candidates in the ever growing horse industry in our country. Olympus Equestrian Academy was established to fulfill the need for qualified personnel by offering comprehensive equestrian career training combined with practical experience in the field of horsemanship.

Equine Studies can be elected as a subject from Grade 10. The Equine Studies curriculum encompasses four main areas of study, namely Equine Nutrition, Equine Anatomy, Riding Proficiency and Equine Health Care

Equine Studies consists of theoretical and practical components. Candidates learn about the following:


Equine Nutrition

The care and feeding of horses


Equine Anatomy

The anatomy of horses


Riding Proficiency

Horse riding and horse training


Equine Health Care

Horse management


Candidates are prepared for the National Senior Certificate examination, as offered by the Department of Education.
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Core Thinking Skills

An effective thinker has a wide range of skills to help them to create meaning, gain understanding, make judgments, make good decisions, self-analyse and reflect.

These are the skills that we need to equip our students with so that they are able to make a difference in not only their own working lives, but in the lives of those with whom they will work.

In this, the 21st Century, we need to look at methods of thinking that are understood and evolutionary, rather than relying on those methods that are instituted impulsively and are revolutionary.

Our aim is to develop problem solvers, who are innovative. Students need to develop their creative skills and their sense of adventure, trusting their own value systems. They should wish to make a difference in our world and to accomplish something of significance.


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